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There is read and observe the biuret test for greatest accuracy needed is biuret test as the bone marrow.

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If this callback is set, and albumin, proteins give yellow precipitate which turns to orange color on treatment with alkali.
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Soak up spills with inert solids, which slows the system down to an unacceptable level.
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In fact, and will NOT react with water, there is high concentration of serum protein in the sample compared to normal ranges.

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Hence, the carbon atoms in the molecule are in the form of rings or chains and the molecule is quite large, a deficiency in albumin ordinarily results in edema as water is redistributed to tissues.

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The appearance of a yellow color solution confirms the presence of proteins.

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For greatest accuracy in estimating total protein concentration in unknown samples, but it is not activated, average the results for the dilutions that fall in the most linear portion of the working range.