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The Registrar, on being satisfied that the merger has been effected at law and in equity, must notify the merger on the register and on the appropriate instruments of title. Statutory rights affecting the title to land under the LTA, which are not noted on the register, can prevail against the title of a registered proprietor. Honorary consuls are not authorised to undertake notarial functions including witnessing the executionof an instrument or the signing ofa document. It explores whether that an easement instrument? Land search results area being lodged via electronic.

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  • We at Cavell Leitch have considerable experience in both acting for developers creating land covenants as part of their subdivision, as well as acting for the ultimate purchasers of sections subject to land covenants.

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Their work is of the highest quality and their responsiveness is second to none. Constitution Ways.

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An instrument to which this regulation applies may be received for registration only if the duplicate certificate or other instrument of title either is produced with the instrument or has been previously lodged for the purposes of registration.

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Reg variety will search? Thus copies of submissions made to the Commission will normally be made available on request and the Commission may mention submissions in its reports. What is an easement instrument?